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15 Reasons to Become A Wedding Planner

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15 Reasons to Become A Wedding Planner

Christine Sullivan October 22, 2018
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Being a wedding planner can be fun and rewarding. Tasting cakes, choosing linens, and admiring wonderful centerpieces are absolutely exciting. You will see many months of hard work come together efficiently. Rewarding, right? However, being a wedding and event planner in Malaysia is not pure glamour. Do you want to pursue a wedding planning career? If yes, then read the following points first.

1. Difficult Clients

Having touch clients can affect the mental faculties of a wedding planner. Planning a wedding is in itself, a stressful job. But, when you work with clients who add up to the stress, you will ask yourself why you even choose this profession.

2. Emotional Connection

It is a highly emotional job with emotional future brides, and emotional in-laws. Various planners grow close to their clients, meaning they are encouraged to work harder because they love them too much.

3. It’s Not Your Wedding

Dealing with clients means translating their wedding dreams to reality. If you love imposing your own vision, and recreating your own ideas, then this job may be a challenge for you.

4. Evening and Weekend Work

Client meetings at night, and events during the weekend take precious time away from friend and family. If you want to be a wedding planner, you should have the patience to deal with a crazy work schedule. It would never match the 9 to 5 office hours.

5. Mental and Physical Hard Work

Wedding day tasks require extreme hard work. At first, you will be very excited to work with your initial clients, but trust me, you would be very exhausted at night.

6. Wedding Hangover

What happens when you wake up the morning after an event? You can be very dehydrated, tired and sore.

7. Extreme Patience

Do you have determination, patience and thick skin? Then, a career in wedding planning may be for you. For others who are not, it may take years before you are able to develop the right people skills to feel comfortable working with engaged couples of different personalities.

8. Be a People Person

Wedding planners work with different vendors and clients of different personalities. If you are shy and introverted, you may feel awkward around other people. Shifting a wedding planning career may be a difficult career option.

9. Handle Stress Well

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful careers a person can ever have. Many people pick this profession because they think it’s exciting, but it is in fact, a huge challenge. Wedding planners exist to solve problems, and manage more than 20 vendors efficiently.

10. Organization and Multi-Tasking

Wedding planners need to act and think quickly. They always have million tasks to take care of real time, and another million that exist in their minds.

11. Confidence is the Key

Take note that confidence, not ego, is the key to your success in the wedding planning industry.

12. Passion and Sacrifices

You should start a wedding planning career only if you are passionate about your goals and would-be achievements. Do it not just for the glamour. Do it because you love it.

13. Long-Term Commitments

Honor your long-term commitments, no matter how difficult. If your client can’t make decent choices to save her life, hold on to your patience. You need to make it work for a long time, simply because you committed to it.

14. Mediation and Negotiation

The entire wedding planning process is full of negotiations and mediation. As a wedding planner, you will negotiate with vendors, address last-minute plans and battle over many types of appetizers with the future bride and groom. If you hate negotiations, this is not the perfect path for you.

15. Running a Business

Several wedding planners run their own businesses. To be able to succeed, you should be a big thinker, and expand your knowledge. Are you interested in learning accounting, marketing, finance and networking? If you are determined to make a name in the event planning industry, then, you should study these areas.