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4 App Development Challenges CIO Face

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4 App Development Challenges CIO Face

Christine Sullivan August 6, 2019
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A business must operate efficiently in order to reduce the cost of operations, as well as making sure that the revenue stream is going to be big.
In the corporate world, the use of enterprise apps can help streamline the entire business operations. But, in order for companies to have that, they must confer with app development companies to help them create an app that has all of the features that they need.
But, both parties may face some challenges along the way, which is why I have created this article so that you will be aware of what they are.


In business, time is money. That is why it is important for companies to have an application created for them in the soonest possible time. That is actually true when we look at the study that reflected 56% of companies deem this to be accurate.
Chief Information Officers or CIOs will attempt to spearhead the app development project, and they will ensure that the application will be used internally and possibly outsourced by a separate development company- just so long as the specs are there that will meet with the business demands of the application.
But, despite having a solid planning foundation, it will not necessarily guarantee that you get an application built as quickly as possible that will meet the expectations set by the companies.
Even if both parties agree upon the specs and features, there can be problems during the development process that may not have been predicted before.
This is quite true, especially since organizations typically underestimate how hard it is to create an enterprise app, given the time and resources available to them.


Here’s the thing that companies should always remember: enterprise apps are not cheap. The application should have all of the features that the business will need to be able to get a good return on investment. It must help improve efficiency, revenue, and other things that are considered critical in business operations.
Unfortunately, even if we set out the features of the application, the company will not be able to really know for sure how much the app will cost because there are so many things to consider during app development.
For instance, thinking about the purpose of the application, what the preferred platform will be, the development approach, the user interface, QA and testing, and more can help increase the prices.
For you to somehow not be surprised with the costs, you may have to confer with consultants.


Unlike any other app out there, enterprise apps can be very complex, which is why it is important that your internal development team, as well as an outsourced app company, should be on the same page. Not only that but they should also possess the skills and expertise needed to create the app that will help streamline business processes.
It is the CIO’s job to look at the company’s internal development team and look at the different operations of the business so that they can come up with suitable solutions that can be provided for by the enterprise app.


So, what model are you going to employ when the application gets released? Is it cross-platform or do your employees have to use a certain operating system?
App integration is one of those things that can get overlooked in the development stage. The CIO might have to come up with ways to fully integrate the application into the corporate system.
Perhaps, they can look into cloud-enabled applications or a web application to help integrate the application really well.