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5 Reasons to Wear a Wrist Watch

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5 Reasons to Wear a Wrist Watch

Christine Sullivan November 11, 2019
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1. A wrist watch shows other people that you are highly organized.

Once you go to a job interview while wearing a timepiece, there is a big chance that the
interviewer would notice you more than the other candidates. Wearing one shows other people
that you are an organized, responsible individual who is willing to adapt to new circumstances.
When everyone else is depending on smartwatches and smartphones, a wrist watch will help you stand out.

2. A wrist watch is a representation of your personality.

Women wear tons of accessories. Men, however, are limited to just cufflinks and watches. They
can also wear jewelry, but it is not allowed on some workplaces. A watch is something that you
don’t have to hide. There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia, but not all of those would fit
your taste and style. Your choice of wrist watch will highly depend on your own character and personality.

3. A wrist watch is a part of successful businessmen’s image.

The image of men wearing elegant wrist watches is iconic. In the corporate world, professionals
who wear watches are recognized as organized and reliable. For many, watches are symbols of
manhood. This can be traced back to several cultural suppositions, and have a lot to do with money and power.

4. A wrist watch can keep you safe.

Why do you wear a watch? A watch is a tool not just to tell time, it can also keep you safe. At
this day and age, con artists utilize complicated schemes to steal mobile devices. They can
approach you, and ask you what time is it. Once you take out your tablet or smartphone from
your pocket, the thief would run away with it.

5. A wrist watch makes you look more elegant.

Have you noticed that people place their tablets and smartphones each time they hang out in
coffee shops? For some people, this is not right, and signals lack of manners. However, for most
millennials who are not used to wearing watches, this is a necessary gesture. Learn how to stand
out from the rest and wear a watch. Since you are a newbie when it comes to watches, you can
start with a casual watch from a reputable watch brand.