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5 Things to Do in Malacca

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5 Things to Do in Malacca

Christine Sullivan November 13, 2019
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Melaka is known as a melting pot of culture and history simply because of the number of things that remind you of what once was. And, because of the historical sites that you can visit in the city, it has been deemed by UNESCO as part of the list of heritage sites in the world.

That being said, there are now new buildings that are being built in the city and despite the rapid urbanization, the city still maintains some of the buildings that were established back in the day.

Whether you are going on a historical trip or hanging out with some girl escorts in Malaysia, you can certainly have plenty of things to do in Melaka. Today, I am going to be talking about some of the awesome things that can be done when you’re in Malacca.

Ride a Trishaw

Head on over to Dutch Square and find some Beca or trishaw rides that will allow you to explore the place while riding some of these amazing vehicles.

Now named Red Square because of the fact that there are a lot of red-colored buildings in the area, the Dutch Square is home to some historical buildings, including Christ Church, Stadthuys, and Queen Victoria’s Fountain.

The good thing is that these Trishaw rides are incredibly cheap so there is no reason for you not to get one.

Stay in a Hostel

Although there are luxury hotels that you can find in Melaka, I highly recommend that you get the cheaper hostels instead. That is because in almost every hostel in the city, you can find many of them that are covered in many different art pieces.

For instance, me and my friend stayed at Ringo’s Foyer Guesthouse which is extremely inexpensive compared to hotels but I really love the experience because it is covered in amazing art. You can find them on walls and you can even find some souvenir items (that are for your eyes only) that are scattered all throughout the place.

Ride to Villa Sentosa

Life use to be quite simple in Melaka and fortunately, you can head on over to Villa Sentosa which is considered the Malay Living Museum.

Here, you can find a little bit of Malaysian history and the good thing is that you can rent a bike to get here.

Go on a River Cruise

Inexpensive and fun, you can book a 45-minute cruise down the Melaka River. Now, what can you expect from the cruise? Aside from the fact that you are going on a slow-moving boat, you are going to see some amazing houses along the way.

In fact, there are some that are painted with Malaysian characters and some are even covered in Malaysian art, to name a few.

Stroll and See What You Can Find Around Jonker Street

Whether you go here during the day or at nighttime, Jonker Street has a lot to offer. You can visit the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum during the day to find something about the Peranakans.

At night, you can bring your friends and family to the same place to find many different stores and food stalls offering you some of the best foods Asia has to offer.