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5 Tips to Write a Blog Post that Converts


5 Tips to Write a Blog Post that Converts

Christine Sullivan August 22, 2019
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So, you want to run a successful blog and you have made a number of articles already. You’ve decided to look at your blog’s analytics only to find out that your content is actually not converting.

Well, if you are looking for tips to help you write blog posts that actually attract your audience and encourages them to convert, then you’ve come to the right article.

Today, I am going to provide you with some tips to help you achieve that.

First, Know Thy Audience

For you to actually write articles that people want to read, you must first know what they actually want to consume. You need to first define your target audience so that you can narrow down your topics.

Next, you want to research on keywords that your target audience mainly uses to search for a particular topic of interest. Fortunately, that is easy to do thanks to a variety of tools that you can use. Some of the things that I can recommend are:

  • SEMrush- This is a paid keyword research tool that does a lot of amazing things. It helps you find out which keywords you can use that have the best average searches and you can also set certain parameters according to your preference as well.
  • KeywordTool.io- If you do not want to spend money, you can use this tool to help you find the most popular keywords that your target audience uses as their search term.
  • Twitter Advanced Search- this free tool allows you to type any of your chosen keywords and select “questions” to help you find what your target demographic is asking about your industry.

Write Catchy Headlines

Your headlines are actually more important than you think. You see, your headline will make or break your chances of gaining additional traffic. If you write generic titles, then people are more likely going to skip it.

However, if you write catchy headlines and you have the content to show for, then that will give you tremendous results. You can use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to help you find out if your chosen title is compelling enough to be used.

Don’t Forget to Use Bullet Points

A lot of people want to read content in a way that doesn’t tire their eyes. One way of providing them with a more pleasurable reading experience is to format your content using bullet points.

Think of your bullet points as mini-headlines that provide a clear benefit. They should be a maximum of two lines each and don’t write complete paragraphs on a bullet.

Add Media

Did you know that the human brain can process visual content a lot better than just reading something made out of pure text?

That is why it is important that you add certain media to your posts to make it more engaging. You can add relevant images and even videos to help keep everything more entertaining.


The last tip is one that you should implement to help with your blog’s overall success. You must optimize your blog for search engine optimization to not only help drive more traffic to your site, but to also encourage people to convert as well.

Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Adding meta titles and descriptions
  • Using long-tail and short-tail keywords
  • Using relevant imagery and video content
  • Adding Alt Texts to Your Images
  • Using internal links in your articles
  • Use keyword variation.