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7 Careers That You Can Pursue With an Architecture Degree


7 Careers That You Can Pursue With an Architecture Degree

Christine Sullivan September 17, 2019
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1. Restoration Architect

Being a restoration architect is not easy. You need to have intense passion for history, and hunger for learning. By learning more about your society’s own heritage, your career can progress, and soon you will see yourself working for a top architect company in Malaysia. Restoration and conservation of buildings are challenges you must take on bravely.

2. Research Architect

Architects are also involved in digital tools advancement and new waves of digital design. Since expression and representation are dramatically changing, we need the help of architects to help us make constant improvements by engaging in comprehensive research.

3. Landscape Architect

Designing different kinds of outdoor landscapes such as forestry, infrastructure and other public areas is important for the development of rural and urban spaces. This way, landscape architects can contribute to the worldwide response to climate change and globalization.

4. Urban Planner

As the population in urban areas grows, urbanism continues to be in as state of flux. The ever-changing state of the current urban environment makes urban planning a great path for architects, since they cover everything, from sustainable development to demographic changes.

5. Lighting Architect

It’s no secret that light creates a significant impact on a person’s physical and mental health. Delving into lighting architecture involves improving the overall state of all our experiences, our well-being and health, and the natural environment’s sustainabiliy.

6. Extreme Architect

Because of the effects of climate change, increase in weather conditions like hurricanes, heat waves and floods are expected to increase. Being an awesome architect who focuses on this field is amazing.