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Brand New Trends in Web Design for 2020

Web Design

Brand New Trends in Web Design for 2020

Christine Sullivan January 16, 2020
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A good web design must captivate the eye of its viewers, that’s why web design agencies should always be updated with the trends in this field. Here are the trends in web design for the year 2020:

Simplicity and Minimalism

Simplicity is often said to be the ultimate sophistication and many in the industry are expecting a minimalist, stripped-back approach to become increasingly popular in the coming months.

Minimalist design means a hundred things for a hundred different people, but generally refers to an extensive use of white space, with no single element distracting attention from the visual hierarchy.

This threadable, stripped-back style means limited palettes of color, with content giving plenty of room to breathe on a page, and it’s more than just a cosmetic choice. This is because it can help to improve site speed & perform better, particularly when it comes to mobile.

Artificial Intelligence

AI makes its influence heard in a variety of industries and web design is far from being an exception.

There are two layers.

Next, there is the concept of what is often referred to as’ artificial network intelligence.’ This is technology, basically, that is capable of’ automating’ facets of web design. Web design technologies make it easier and simpler to create beautiful websites-creating more time and freedom for web designers to evolve and develop.

But artificial intelligence and automation also feed into’ contextual’ technology-which can help your site feel more’ human’ by interpreting user behaviors and circumstances to deliver truly personal, tailored experiences.

Voice Optimization

Voice technology is another fast-growing trend in adoption-its progress has been a promise provided by many of the people we spoke to!

This is partly a result of the innovations that many of us, including smart speakers, are becoming more accustomed to having in our homes. We live in the age of Siri and Alexa. Sound controls have become mates of ours and over the past few years have dramatically changed our visual experience.

3D Animations

“Fresh” patterns are often not fresh at all. We just hit the mainstream when their barriers to entry were reduced. Another such phenomenon could be the increase of 3D modeling and rendering by 2020. And why? Historically 3D modeling has been very expensive and inaccessible to most designers.

We predict that the costs will drop significantly, and we’ll see more software design tools released that make this design available to those without specialized 3D training.

Typically, the interest increases as prices go down for certain approaches.

User Centered

It goes without saying that the most important person on any website is the user – but many expect the user focus to become even more pronounced in 2020.

The biggest web design trend you’re going to see take off in 2020 is the focus on the user. Thinking through what the client is looking for or trying to solve by coming to your site—instead of a company pushing for what they hope the user will do—will be a much-needed departure from the old way of thinking about a site.