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Capitalize On Content


Capitalize On Content

Christine Sullivan December 4, 2018
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SEO Marketing 101: How to Capitalize On Content

Do you want your business website to generate more online presence? Then, you need to execute an efficient SEO strategy. Compelling content production is a good start. Below are some tips that can help you produce quality content for SEO.

1. Make your content pop with vibrant images.

We are all visual. Incorporating imagery to your posts would help make a good, big impression. If you have a Pinterest account, take advantage of it. Post photos which are also worthy of being pinned. This is another avenue to gain more web traffic.

2. Propel your content with social media.

Leverage on the power of social media. It is a powerful tool that can help you market your content, and promote sharing. Post your new articles on forums and social media platforms. Don’t forget to incorporate engaging call to actions, and descriptions.

3. Take advantage of Google Authorship.

Google Authorship is an easy and quick way to connect content with a particular author. Your articles will appear as rich snippets in SERPs, while featuring the photo of the writer. This is a good for personal promotion, and can increase your articles’ CTR.

4. Write for your target audience.

If you are looking for the best SEO writing advice, this is it. Write content for the right purpose. Keep your target audience in mind when writing content. These articles must answer their questions and concerns.

5. Keep it all under the same roof.

Keep all of your original content under your very own domain name. By doing so, your website can get the traffic and credit it deserves. Also, don’t forget to embed your videos and infographics.

6. Write headlines that pack a punch.

SEO Marketing 101Headlines are short, but can make a huge positive impression. Never underestimate the power of a compelling headline. Your headlines must be interesting, engaging and clear, with high-performance keywords. In addition to this, make sure that your meta descriptions are interesting enough to capture attention.

7. Utilize keyword-rich phrases.

It is always crucial to use engaging keyword rich phrases in your headlines. and all throughout your content. By doing so, you can let search engines and readers know what your website is all about. Don’t use too much keywords, though. Keyword stuffing can lead to penalties.

8. Structure your posts well.

Your post may be interesting, but if it is not organized properly, then it will not earn good traffic. Make sure to structure your content properly. Break everything up into smaller paragraphs with catchy headlines. It will be much easier to read or scan.

9. Promote link building.

Link building is a significant SEO ranking factor. Linking to other websites or to your own articles ensures another link back to your website. Get creative with other kinds of content such as videos and infographics.

SEO Marketing 10110. Always monitor your activities.

Don’t ever get tired of tracking all of your efforts. If you are in need of an efficient tool that can make your life easier, check out Google Analytics. Check your bounce rates, and regularly interact with your website visitors.