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Cutoff Seat in Poker


Cutoff Seat in Poker

Christine Sullivan October 16, 2018
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Casino Poker 101: Learn About the Cutoff Seat

What is cutoff? In poker, it is a nickname given to the player seated at the dealer button’s right side. This is the second greatest position in this card game. It can be written as “CO,” and can also be recognized as cutoff position or cutoff seat.

Where did the “Cutoff” nickname come from?

There are 2 possible explanations for this.

1. During a friendly game, the dealer holds the button position. After the shuffle, the player seated to his right side will cut the cards.

This doesn’t happen in a poker room or casino, though. There, a dedicated dealer is present. It is not the job of the players to deal with the deck.

2. The nickname arises from the fact that the position was initially a good one. Then, this player will cutoff the 3 players after him, when betting right after a deal.

A player who is currently in cutoff position may intimidate the ones in the other positions.

What are the advantages of the Cutoff position?

Here the seats in Texas Hold’em:

  1. Small blind
  2. Big blind
  3. Under the Gun
  4. Cutoff
  5. The Button

The dealer is positioned with the button, ready to act anytime needed as it is way different compared to the togel online. If 5 players or more are present, the other players are on the cutoff or under the gun seats. The button acts with every hand, so that every player can gain a new seat for every hand.

The players will have 2 pocket cards. From the under the gun seat, they will the opportunity to fold, raise or call their hands.

The one in the cutoff seat clearly has the advantage of seeing how every player are managing their hands. In case the one in the cutoff position has a strong hand, and the other ones have called, then raising would be a good option.

What if the cutoff position hasn’t folded? Then, it’s either he will be the the second-to-last, or the very last one to play, if the button player hasn’t folded.

Remember that this is an advantageous seat as the player gets information from everyone, prior to betting all their hands.

The player in the cutoff is in a good seat to move his marginally-strong hands, compared to the others who played earlier.

You need to utilize good techniques. Read if all the people in the blind seats can defend them.


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