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Gambling in Malaysia


Gambling in Malaysia

Christine Sullivan August 17, 2018
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Considered Illegal

Malaysia is mainly a Muslim country, thus any act of gambling is considered illegal, both online and offline although most of the time this case has not been tolerated by the authorities. Moreover, there are many Malaysians do online gambling at international gambling sites such as togel Singapore and most of the international sites nowadays even accept the deposits and withdrawals in Ringgit Malaysia.

There are a few cases related to gambling in Malaysia which shows that gambling clearly does not bring benefit and it has been a ruin of many men in terms of the finance, relationships, well-being and emotions. The need for spending more money for gambling can contributes to bankruptcy and it is harmful to the gamblers and their social relationship.

Gambling Does Not Bring Benefits

Recently, a man has been disowned by his own mother because of his addiction to gambling. His mother refused to have anything to do with him anymore and decided to cut off contact with his son. The mother wrote a letter as a procedure of separation from her son and her son agreed to sign it. This happened because her family has been harassed by loan sharks for the past 14 years because of his son’s debts. His son started borrowing money from loan sharks in 2004 after getting addicted to gambling and they have been struggling to pay his debts. He also borrowed from several loan sharks, thus explains why his unpaid debts started piling up. Although his mother already paid her son’s debts, the loan sharks do not stop there as they have been receiving a few calls from another loan sharks. Hence, her mother decided to leave her son to ensure her safety.

In Arau, Perlis, police have assured that online and open gambling and vice activities were not allowed to operate in the state. The police also said that the firmness of the police made Perlis clean from any activities including organised gambling.


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