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How to Buy an Investment Watch


How to Buy an Investment Watch

Christine Sullivan October 30, 2019
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1. Don’t settle for a quartz watch.

A quartz watch is a wonderful timepiece, but this is not the best one to buy if you are aiming for a more valuable investment. Mechanical watches are much better options. It is more highly valued because of their unique, in-house movements. It is surely worth the investment.

2. Watch out for special collaborations.

From time to time, watchmakers collaborate with different brands to make limited-edition timepieces. For instance, the Omega Speedmaster Snoopy delivered good short-term returns. You are lucky if you own one, since its value is expected to increase overtime.

3. Maintain the watch.

Don’t just buy a valuable timepiece, and leave it inside the safe. You should know how to take care for your expensive investment watch. Regularly servicing it is important to maintain its pristine condition.

4. Develop contacts.

If you want to buy the best mechanical watch in Malaysia, you must connect well with people in the industry. You need to know the right people to get to the right things. Knowing the right individuals would help you get watches at lower prices. Moreover, you can buy the watch directly from a collector, instead of coordinating through an auction house that will take commissions.

5. Find something unique.

Investment watches are valuable and unique. Look for a special, limited-edition timepiece to put your money on.

6. Watch how much you spend.

In order to reduce risks, limit your watch investment fund to 5% to 10%.

7. Be patient.

Gaining a profit through investment watches is not easy. At times, there are pieces that just won’t sell. You need to be patient with everything. What’s important here is that you enjoy what you are wearing. Don’t expect return of investment to come quickly.