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Important Facebook Ad Metrics You Should Be Optimizing and Monitoring

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Important Facebook Ad Metrics You Should Be Optimizing and Monitoring

Christine Sullivan July 1, 2019
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1. Lead generation ads

Are you looking for quality social media marketing services in Malaysia? You better choose experienced people who can help you with lead generation ads. This type of ad is best for those who provide services, or want to gather email address yet don’t have a landing page or website yet to redirect people to.

2. Optimization

It’s important to optimize each campaign you implement on your website. Once you have determined the key KPIs of your campaign, don’t forget to optimize your ads. Ad optimization depends on your objectives.

3. Boosted posts

Facebook boosting is a great way to improve the engagement in your content. Keep in mind that the Facebook algorithm rapidly changes, so at some point, it would be difficult to gain organic engagement or reach. Thus, in order to have the chance to interact with your target audience, you need to invest some money.

4. Page like ads

Do you want to increase your Facebook following? Then, Facebook page like ads is the best ad you can implement. This type of ad encourage people to like your page, so they will see every content you create. You really need to run campaigns like this in order to reach out more people, and grow your audience.

5. Brand or reach awareness ads

Another ad you can utilize to improve brand awareness and engagement is the reach/brand awareness ad. Both of them fall under the “Awareness” section in Facebook Ads Manager. Basically, the reach campaign showcases your ad to a big amount of people.