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Male vs Female Facelift


Male vs Female Facelift

Christine Sullivan October 4, 2018
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The Difference Between Female and Male Facelift Procedures

Are you thinking of getting a facelift? A facelift is an amazing procedure to try, and can bring about happy, healthy results. This treatment is often chosen by women; however, it is also perfect for men who need facial enhancement.

Have you ever wondered if the facelift technique used for men and women are the same? The surprising answer? No. Facelift approaches for men and women are slightly different.

Aesthetic Differences

Men and women have different of ideal facial aesthetics. Men love more defined, sharper facial features, especially on the neck and jaw area. Women, on the other hand, want more delicate, softer facial attributes.

In a male facelift procedure, the objective is to modify the face to have a sharper chin, contoured neck and well-defined jawline. For women, the surgery involves restoring a smooth, softer neckline.

Facial Hair

Another primary difference revolves around facial hair. It’s clear that men usually grow more facial hair, so this can be the basis of incision position and type. However, surgeons should be very careful about making incisions. If done wrongly, it can cause excessive scarring, and disrupt follicles.

Incision locations can slightly vary between women and men.

Differences in Anatomy

Plenty of anatomical differences exist between female and male faces.

Women usually have weaker ligament and facial skeletal features. This can make the surgical manipulation more convenient.

During a male facelift procedure, the surgeon needs to be very careful. They shouldn’t pull the skin, as well as excise too much lax muscle since these actions can result to an overly tight look.

Also, since guys have larger, heavier faces and thicker skin, procedures need to focus on the lower half part of the face. The fats near the neck area are more fibrous, so the liposuction procedure can be less effective.

Lastly, guys have more vascular elements, such as arteries and veins, compared to girls. This signal a higher risk of scarring and bleeding after the procedure.

Male Facelift Methods

Mini face lifts can never work for men. The very limited surgery a mini lift executes cannot lift man’s heavy tissues. Furthermore, since they have heavier tissues, lifting the skin more aggressively is a must to achieve remarkable results.

Male Facelift Post-Procedure Care

Since man’s tissues are heavier compared to women, swelling can also take much longer. Using compression dressings and drains is highly recommended.

Men have a higher risk of hematoma, so they must be extra careful and avoid blood thinners such as aspirin. Another habit to avoid is smoking. Men should distance themselves from cigarettes for at least one month before and after the procedure.

Please note if the swelling prolonged, the usual exercise routine may be delayed.

If you want to try a male facelift for the first time ever, don’t feel nervous and intimidated. Choose a reputable skin care clinic and surgeon that can guide you towards your goals. You may face challenges before, after, and during the treatment, but with proper guidance, you’ll get through it and can enjoy all the wonderful results!