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Moving to a New Website Hosting Service Provider: Helpful Tips

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Moving to a New Website Hosting Service Provider: Helpful Tips

Christine Sullivan June 28, 2019
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Are you looking for the best hosting services for your ecommerce platform? Then, you need to consider tons of aspects before finalizing a deal with a reputable website hosting service provider.

1. The kind of operating system

When moving from one website hosting service to another, it is always better to stick to the same exact operating system as the one you are currently using. It will make the migration process a lot possible. Unless there is an important reason, don’t change your operating system.

2. Disk space and bandwidth

The disk space and bandwidth provided by your new website hosting service provider are crucial because the former impacts the speed, while the latter delivers more data storage space. It’s also noteworthy to check if your service provider offers a much higher disk space and bandwidth at the same cost.

3. Uptime

Uptime is crucial because when web pages are down, customers and visitors would be annoyed. This would impair your website’s credibility. As a result, you would end up losing thousands of dollars. Check if the new web professionals offer scheduled maintenance services.

4. Customer service

There is no doubt that customer service is very important. Never work with professionals who can’t deliver good assistance to customers. They must be able to communicate through live chat, SMS or phone calls.