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The Best Exterior Home Decorating Trends This 2020


The Best Exterior Home Decorating Trends This 2020

Christine Sullivan March 19, 2020
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Dark Colors

There are various home décor trends this 2020 that you can use to improve your home’s architectural style. One of the first trends you should explore is the use of dark colors. Using dark accents has always been a trend, but now, fully dark exteriors are becoming more and more popular. It is great for any type of home.

High Quality, Durable Materials

Whether you are working with a top architecture company in Malaysia, or decorating your home all by yourself, using durable and high-quality materials is important. Even if you are on a budget, choose items which you know are going to last, and those that can improve your home’s efficiency and function. An example of this is fiber cement siding on an exterior façade.

Black as an Accent

Yes, black is really a thing now, alongside the extreme popularity of general dark colors. Black is currently the hottest color that you can incorporate in your home exteriors, including accent areas and front door shutters. You can also use it on your accent walls.

Grey Shade

Grey is considered as a neutral color in the world of home design, for both exteriors and interiors. It is champion shade. If you are building a home this 2020, use this color. This is the best time to jump to the grey bandwagon. In fact, this 2020, the deeper the grey, the stronger the appeal.

Floor to Ceiling Glass

Windows are crucial elements in home design. This 2020, sliding doors and windows are taking on new dimensions. Windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling are gaining more popularity since they can fill rooms with light. It is also more attractive, and brings about a classier vibe.

Bring the Inside Out

Are you one of those people who are interested in exterior living areas? This year, having an open-air yard or patio is no longer enough. Today’s homeowners are in love with innovative porches and decks that improve a property’s curb appeal and use of space.