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Web Hosting 101

Web Hosting

Web Hosting 101

Christine Sullivan January 29, 2020
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I typically get questions about what a web hosting company does and why they need it for their websites, so instead of answering these types of questions one by one, I took it upon myself to just create an article that will consolidate all frequently asked questions so that I can answer them in one article. Today, we are going to tackle web hosting basics.

What is Web Hosting

As a future website owner, you do not only have to think about how your website is going to look and what types of content you are going to put on it, you are also going to have to think about putting it all online.

To do that, you will need a web host to ‘host’ your files so that it can be accessed online. A web hosting provider can do this by putting all of your website’s files on one of their servers and these servers operate and are connected to the internet 24/7. So long as the server doesn’t go down (either due to scheduled maintenance or for some other reason), your website should be online at all times.

Typical Hosting Services

What services can you expect in a hosting provider? Here are just some of the most common one:

1.Hosting Plans

There are three popular web hosting plans out there. Shared hosting is the most popular one because of its affordable price and for most users, it is adequate.

VPS hosting is another popular choice and is something perfect for people that want more dedicated resources for their website.

Dedicated hosting is the last one and is the most expensive one of the bunch. It is expensive because you are basically getting an entire server all to yourself.

2.Bandwidth and Storage

For people that want to access your website, it requires bandwidth to send an HTTP request to your hosting provider’s server so that, in turn, it will send back all of the necessary files for your website to load on their web browsers. You could say that bandwidth is just a measure of internet connectivity that goes to and from your website.

Storage is the capacity that you are given to store your website’s files on your hosting company’s server. You are given both storage and bandwidth limits depending on the plan that you got and you can sign up for a much better plan if your website requires it.

3. Website Management Software

As a web hosting customer, you are given a website management software that you can use to tweak some settings on your website. cPanel is the most popular program out there and it is easy to use for both complete beginners and savvy enthusiasts.

4.Customer Service

Whenever your website is down or whenever you need some technical assistance, a good web hosting company is someone that you can trust in these times. That is why you need to go with a provider that you can talk to at any time so that your issues can be resolved immediately.