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What is the Benefit of Wearing a Watch?

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What is the Benefit of Wearing a Watch?

Christine Sullivan March 4, 2020
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There are benefits to using a wristwatch more than a smartphone can provide. Whether you are donning a classic mechanical watch or a new-age watch with a quartz movement, there are tangible (and intangible) benefits that can be had when wearing one. Today, I am just going to go over some of the most important ones.


Sure, a smartphone can also tell the time, but what is the typical scenario of smartphone use? Well, most of the time, you are not going to be carrying it with your hand since you’re most likely going to be preoccupied (and when people see that you are holding one, they might think that their time is not as important as yours).

In most cases, smartphones are either put inside your pocket or inside a purse. If someone were to ask you what the current time is, you will have to whip out the phone from either place just to use the basic timekeeping functionality.

With a watch, telling the time is not cumbersome at all. In fact, all you really need to do is do a quick glance on your wrist and that’s it. That can easily be done whether you are carrying other things on your hand or not.


There is a saying that first impressions last and whether you believe that to be true or not, I say that it is actually true.
When you are in a corporate event or you are trying to ace a job interview, it is important that you wear a watch because it not only improves your look but it also tells other people that you value time more than anything else.

Psychological Benefit

Wearing a watch can also provide you with some psychological benefits as well. For example, you will feel a sudden surge of euphoria when people compliment your style and the watch you are wearing.

Aside from that, physically wearing a watch can also provide a huge impact on your cognitive abilities in that you are wary of how much time you are spending doing a particular task. If you want to be more productive, wear a watch.

You Appreciate Quality

Any timepiece is made carefully. Even the cheapest watches that you can find on the market has some degree of difficulty in its craftsmanship.

However, if you are going to save some money to buy a luxury watch, it will tell the people around you that you actually appreciate true and fine craftsmanship.

Something for Everyone

There is a reason why there are a lot of watches on the market and that is so that you can match it with your own style.
It is safe to say that everyone has their own unique tastes. There are some that want a classier dress watch while some would prefer those oversized aviator watches among anything else.


There are many benefits to wearing a watch. Not only can you tell the time in the most convenient and accurate way possible, but it can also elevate your style to an entirely different level.