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What to Expect in Web Design Trends in 2018?

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What to Expect in Web Design Trends in 2018?

Christine Sullivan October 5, 2018
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When it comes to design, you have to make it so appealing that people would say, “Wow”. And, website developers make it a point to implement new changes as they come along. You want to stay on top of the game so you want to include things that are fresh and at the same time, entices users to access your site.

So, what design trends should you expect in 2018? Read on to find out:

Experimenting with Typography

The website’s typography is something that is already important since the birth of web pages. In fact, it is too important that it constitutes most of your content back in the day.

However, more and more designers and website design companies are pushing towards the creative use of different fonts to make a visual impact. So, instead of using typography as a means to convey a message using pure texts, it can now be used as an image.

The way they do it is that they experiment using different spacing, the size and the font that they’re going to use, as well as the accompanying background too.

Although, keep in mind that this experimentation should only be applied if you want your fonts to be used as a background or as part of your images.

It should never be used on your main content because it may put off those people who prefer the traditional font size and style.

Be Creative with the Details

You can make use of a background filled with rich colors and you can even make use of videos and certain animations to accentuate your overall design.

Be creative in the way you implement these designs so that you will have a website that has your brand on it.

However, careful use and moderation are the two things that you should remember when doing this. Apply too much of it and it can make your site convoluted and hard to navigate; apply too little and it makes your site boring and uninspired.

Break Traditional Layout Rules

Traditional methods of creating menus for website use include adding a horizontal menu bar at the top with different categories or implementing thumbnails that people can click so that they will be redirected to another page.

Those things still work today, but to make yours stand out, you have to break some traditional rules when it comes to the site layout.

For instance, instead of using the same old horizontal menu bar, why not implement a hamburger menu to make the interface cleaner?

3D Effects, anyone?

3D animations and effects have been used extensively since last year and according to reports and statistics, it helped increase user engagement by a large margin.

One probable reason is that 3D effects can help bring life to a certain product and that they are more enticed to buy it now than using just a still picture of the thing.

When implementing 3D animations and effects, the placement has to be in the proper order. Perhaps you can add it at the top of the site so that people will know more about what you have to offer right from the get-go.

As with using the background and typography, use this in moderation.